Southwest Reverse Manifest Destiny Fantasy Roadtrip Deluxe

So, M and I are planning a road trip. Well, rather, I (alone) am attempting to plan every detail TODAY for a trip that M and I are going to take this May…for no particular reason except to pleasure my excellent faculties of obsessive/compulsive behavior (I was BORN for this shit).

Friends are getting married in Dallas, our parents miss us and CN is needing a ride to Santa Fe, so we’ll be taking a northern route out from California to Texas and a southern route on our way back.

I like to think of this trip as a sort of reverse Manifest Destiny pilgrimage that then turns back to the West and runs back to the California coast, where we’ve carved out a pleasant niche in the garbagey pile of  Los Angeles.

Managing to out-Mom EVERYONE, I have broken down this trip into daily itineraries. Bear with me. Stay tuned. Enjoy.

Day 1 – Sunday May 20
Leaving: Downtown Los Angeles
Arriving: North Rim Campground, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Passengers: M, CN and myself
Miles: 534
Book it:
Map it:
Approx. cost: 81 gas 18 lodge 99 total
Cost per person: 33 M 33 CN 33 myself

The campsite I booked should have a view overlooking the canyon (ooooooh). We will be hiking the Transept Trail all the way to the bottom, Brady Bunch style, eating peanut butter sandwiches. At dusk (mmmm) we will make dinner, get drunk and sleep in a tent.

Day 2 – Monday May 21
Leaving: North Rim Campground
Arriving: Silver Saddle Motel, Santa Fe, NM
Passengers: M, CN and myself
Miles: 525
Book it:
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 65 lodge 54 total 119
Cost per person: 49 M 22 CN 49 myself

We won’t get there until evening, but we should get there early enough for a meal and a shower and a few episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras (uhhh…kidding…?) at the Silver Saddle. None of us has ever been to Santa Fe and had heard good things. We’ll be dropping CN off before heading to the hotel and getting in a catnap. Or five.

Day 3 – Tuesday May 22
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Passengers: M and myself
Miles: ~25
Book it:
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 0 lodge 54 total 54
Cost per person: 27 M 27 myself

We should be able to rent bikes at the hotel, which is pretty damn exciting. They also offer free Continental breakfast. I’m envisioning riding downtown with a stomach filled with frozen waffles, exploring, then heading northward toward Ghost Ranch. Georgia O’Keefe owned a house and did most of her painting here. The place IS owned by Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (who has dubbed it an “Adult Education Center”…barf) but the beauty of the place should overshadow the fact that these people are trying to proselytize you to death. At night, we’ll curl up at the Silver Saddle again.

Day 4 – Wednesday May 23
Leaving: Santa Fe, NM
Arriving: Dallas, TX
Miles: 644
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 82 lodge 0 total 82
Cost per person: 41 M 41 myself


We’ll drive straight to Dallas after the free Continental. That night we’ll stay with A, who has just moved to downtown Dallas. From one downtownie to another, I salute you.

Day 5 Wednesday May 24 – Day 7 Friday May 25
Location: Dallas TX

Parent time. M will stay with his folks. I will love on mine.

Day 8 – Saturday May 26
Location: Belmont Hotel, Dallas TX
Passengers: M and myself
Book it:
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 0 lodge 114 total 114
Cost per person: 57 M 57 myself

Our dear friends are getting married at the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff, which is awesome. M and I, being native to the area, have never stayed in a hotel in DFW. We booked a Standard Queen room and I’m excited to be in it. The lady who took my reservation had a delightful southern accent that foreshadows a warm Texas night. There’s BBQ catered from Smoke. There’s a pool. There’s dancing. There’s an open bar. There’s love and happiness, forever.

Day 9 – Sunday May 27
Location: Dallas TX

M and I will stay with my parents.

Day 10 – Monday May 28
Leaving: Belmont Hotel
Arriving: El Cosmico, Marfa, TX
Passengers: M and myself
Miles: 512
Book it:
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 70 lodge 65 total 135
Cost per person: 67 M 67 myself

I’ve always wanted to go to Marfa, visit the Chinati Foundation, hunt the Marfa Lights and generally just be in West Texas. El Cosmico looks rad. Reminds me of Hicksville out in Joshua Tree. You can camp (12 per person), get a Safari Tent (65) or stay in a Tee Pee (85). There are communal areas and an outdoor cooking setup. We’re thinking the Safari Tent might be ideal…

Day 11 – Tuesday May 29
Leaving: Marfa, TX
Arriving: Somewhere, AZ
Passengers: M and myself
Miles: ?
Book it: ?
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 70 lodge ? total ~70
Cost per person: 35 M 35 myself

Open to suggestions. I’m looking for a campsite…maybe something with a waterfall and a water hole? I’d like to swim, please.

Day 12 – Wednesday May 30
Leaving: Somewhere, AZ
Arriving: Downtown Los Angeles
Passengers: M and myself
Miles: ?
Map it:
Approx. cost:  gas 65 lodge 0 total 65
Cost per person: 32 M 32 myself

And we’re back! Are you ready for some statistics?!

Total miles: 3,222
Total approximate cost: 738USD
Cost distribution by item: 433 gas 305 lodge
Cost distribution by passenger: 341 M 55 CN 341 myself (not bad!)
Nights spent as house guests: 4
Nights spent in hotels: 4
Nights camping: 2

We are open to suggestions.


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2 thoughts on “Southwest Reverse Manifest Destiny Fantasy Roadtrip Deluxe

  1. may i suggest sedona, arizona, one of two energy vortexes the other one being Giza? I’ve always wanted to go there and Marfa…

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